Thursday, May 27, 2004

American Idol

A new American Idol has been crowned! Fantasia walks away with the title of American Idol 2004 in a close race (well, at least close in my mind) with Diana).

First I must apologize for not doing regular updates lately. I had to have some unexpected surgery that has put me behind in my postings. I have been watching the show though and, although I wanted Diana to win, I am happy for Fantasia. I liked them both a lot and really think that they will both have great careers, I just was rooting for the underdog I suppose.

Last nights show was the biggest finale to date. Red carpet, stars like Ray Ramano giving their opinions as they walk in, an outside concert stage with pre-show croonings from LaToya, George and (bleah) Jasmine. Was it just me or did Jasmine sound even worse last night??? Never mind, don't have to suffer through her poor attempts at song any more.

We heard from Kelly, Ruben and Tamira during the regular show...question...why is Tamira on every show here lately? I mean I know her album just came out, and I know she wrote the finale song (which isn't very good if you ask me), but why was she singing the National Anthem last night??

Anyway, I wanted to see Clay sing, but was disappointed on that front. He was hosting the Fantasia party in North Carolina. That annoying Kimberly Caldwell was hosting Diana's party in Georgia.

Well, it was a good finale to a rather dull season. Maybe next year will be better.

No more posts for awhile. Big Brother 5 starts in July so come back then!

Thursday, May 13, 2004

American Idol

YES! Thank you Lord! She is gone, gone, gone! Paula can cry all she wants, but I didn't like LaToya and I'm willing to suffer through another week of Jasmine just to see her gone. Now those tears of Paula's...fake? I'm guessing yes.

I don't understand how Fantasia made it into the bottom two, that just doesn't make sense. The only thing I can figure is that American felt sorry for Jasmine because Simon was mean and she cried. Okay, I can understand being sympathetic, but at this point in the competition we just can't afford to do that people! She'll end up winning because of craziness like that!

I was very excited that my girl Diana was the first to be told that she was SAFE! You go girl!!

Clay did a guest appearance last night...have I mentioned how much I miss Clay? He is the man! Can sing AND has a good personality!

So who will go next? People you've got to vote for Diana and Fantasia and get rid of Jasmine!

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

American Idol

Wow. It was disco fever last night!! Guest judge was Donna Summer and the girls, well three of them anyway, really sang their butts off! I've now thrown all my support to Ms. Diana, that girl, 16 or not, can sing!! She is my vote for American Idol. Fantasia is great, don't get me wrong, but she'll have a recording contract so she doesn't need AI to further her career. I voted for Diana 7 times last night...I was going to vote more but got tired of hearing the busy signal, and let's be honest, I have to do something more than spend my time obsessing over t.v. ((Just as an aside, I saw the ad for my FAVORITE reality show...Big Brother 5 is coming in June...YAY!!!) Okay, now to the show.

First up was Jasmine, and let me tell you if you missed the show, she is going home tonight. She was terrible with a capital T. She is no where close to the other 3, and I think she's even ready to leave now. Her first song was Everlasting Love. She had some weird, crimped hair going on and a strange tight dress. She shouted the song, was out of tune and overall was just not good.
Simon-definitely going to leave tomorrow, it was an average karoke performance.
Donna-pretty good, some pitch problems
Paula-pitch problems, best dress I've seen you in, not my favorite song choice
Randy-not that good, rough, you only hit the high notes

Her second song was Raining Men and at first I thought...okay, she's doing it, and then....she bombed. Either she gets really nervous or she runs out of breath or something...don't know. She can't keep it together for a full performance.
Simon-better hope every house in Hawaii has 5 phones because you are going to need all the support you can get
Donna-didn't like your song choice but it was okay
Paula-I think you were thrown off when you forgot the lyrics but America loves you and will forgive you for this
Randy-not your best performance, pitchy all over the place.

So...Jasmine will be going. Overall a terrible showing. I did feel badly for her when after the critique of her second song she was in tears while standing with Ryan giving her numbers. It has to hurt, but pleeeassee...don't hurt my ears anymore people! Let her go in peace.

Next up was LaToya who sang great as always, but I still don't like her. She is a cold diva who is too full of herself in my opinion. In fact, after her first performance while sitting with Ryan she even said that they are all winners and will all have recording contracts so it doesn't matter if she goes all the way. Hmmm...I'd even be willing for Jasmine to stay one more week if LaToya is the one to leave. I'm tired of her.

Her first song was Love You Inside & Out. Like I said, good singing, but I didn't feel anything other than...So What?
Simon-well done, great singer, boring safe song choice, problem with you is we know nothing about your personality when you sing.
Donna-beautiful, emoted the song, great job
Paula-you shine week after week, I'm looking at an American Idol
Randy-nothing special, good but felt old, I'm looking for wow

Her second song was a bit better, she at least put on more of a performance. She sang Don't Leave Me This Way.
Simon-that was more like it, as good as the original
Randy-you brought it back on that one.

My prediction...at most she has one more week on the show.

Fantasia was the third singer and did a great job as always. My only issue with her tonight is her choice of outfits. Belly and butt showing...please!! My eyes!! Don't know who dresses these people but they should be fired! Her first song was Knock on Wood and she put on a great show as always.
Simon-great performance, you are different
Donna-you are different, self-possessed, best smile, fabulous
Paula-you know how to pick the right song, you didn't just Tae-Bo through the wood you karate chopped it
Randy-star spirit in your voice, you got it going on

Her second song was Holding Out For a Hero...it was...well, she needs to hold out a little longer. The song didn't suit her style, but she did as well as she could. Of course I was distracted by her butt hanging out of those pants. Geezzzz...
Simon-I didn't like it, you are better than that song
Donna-you could sing the newspaper to me and I'd love it
Paula-not my favorite choice of song
Randy-not my favorite either but it proves you can sing anything.

Finally we get to Diana. She B-L-E-W I-T A-W-A-Y. She is the disco diva! She is the new American Idol!! This girl can sing her heart out and is only 16! Imagine how good she'll be in a few more years? Blows me away!

Her first song was This Is It and the only criticism I have is the dress. Again, not her fault it's those crazy stylists...but it made her look dowdy.
Simon-I've said all along that you were too young for this competition but I take it back, you have shown the most progress.
Donna-lot of heart, impressive
Paula-immense confidence, you look fantastic (okay it must be Paula picking out these weird clothes)
Randy-you worked it out, you did your thing, most improved performer.

Her second song was even better! She sang No More Tears and it was the absolute best performance of the night.
Simon-best song of the night (copy cat), you controlled it
Donna-well sung, great
Paula-I'm so proud of you, this is your week
Randy-by far the best song of the night.

I predict that Jasmine and LaToya will be in the bottom two and that Jasmine will leave. Let's find out tonight.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Survivor Finale

Wow...what an ending! This was by far my favorite Survivor season of all time. As I'm sure you are aware by now,unless you've left the country or something, that Amber won Survivor All-Stars by just one vote. Very close. The biggest news was that Rob proposed on live tv and she said yes! Sweet!

Okay, here's what happened in case you missed it:

The show started off with a look back at the season so far and each of the contestants being voted off. Seems like forever ago that Tina was on the show doesn't it?! After the walk down memory lane we meet up with our final four: Rupert, Jenna, Amber and Rob. Jeff shows up and brings a treat...breakfast makings (pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit, o.j., champagne) and a scrapbook and camera for them to record the final days on the island.

The scheming starts with Rob and Amber talking to Jenna about voting off Rupert, they will not vote for each other so she can either vote with them or face the tie breaking rock drawing. She tells Rupert about it, of course he tries to convince her to go to the tie, funny how no one even thinks that Rob and Amber will turn on each other.

The immunity challenge was a big maze with 8 points. In each of the points was a piece to a ladder and the object was to get all eight of your pieces, bring them back to the center of the maze, place the rungs of your ladder on the tower in the middle and climb to the top. First one there wins immunity. In a close race Amber wins. At tribal counsel that night Jenna still didn't know what she was going to do and finally decided to go along with Rob and Amber making Rupert the one voted off.

At pre-dawn the next morning Jeff shows up to explain the rite of passage. He provides a map and a canoe and tells our final three that they are to follow the map to a locate that will have body paints and accessories for them to decorate themselves. After the decorating they are to walk by each of the torches remembering their team mates and he will meet them at the end for the final immunity challenge.

Are finalists don't make a lot of comments about their teammates as they pass, or maybe they do and we just aren't shown those comments. For the most part we see clips of each person, however there were three comments that did air. When the come to Rudy's torch Jenna says, "If I were in the military I would salute you.". At Rob C.'s torch all three laugh and reminisce about how funny he was. Finally at Rupert's torch Amber says that it was an honor to play with him. Here is the order of banishment if you've forgotten: Tina, Rudy, Jenna M., Rob C., Richard, Sue, Colby, Ethan, Jerri, Lex, Kathy, Alicia, Shii Ann, Tom and Rupert.

The last immunity challenge was an endurance event. The three had to stand on two poles in the water, barefoot, and hold on to an idol that was in the center with one hand. The rules were that both feet had to remain on the posts, you could not lift them. You could not let go of the idol or touch it with your other hand. Last one standing wins. Jenna is out first, she lifts her foot. Rob is ready to just let Amber have the immunity but Jeff pops up asking if he's really just going to let her have it and then the game is on. Amber loses by touching the idol with her other hand and once again, Rob wins immunity. Not surprising that at tribal council that night Rob votes Jenna off.

Rob and Amber enjoy a final night and day together on the island and speculate about tribal council that night, they know that the jury is going to be tough on them...and they are. It was perhaps the most emotional final tribal council of all. A lot of people's feelings were hurt and a lot of accusations were thrown at Rob and Amber about how they played the game. Especially bitter were Lex, Kathy, Alicia and Tom. Tom in fact went to shake Rob's hand and then pulled it back saying "Don't be stupid, stupid." Very childish. Alicia probably had the best line saying that they had both mastered the fine art of butting kissing and ego stroking. At the live finale in New York's Madison Square Garden we learn that Amber won but one vote over Rob.

The reunion was interesting; as I mentioned, Rob asked Amber to marry him, we learn that Jenna was married the weekend before, Sue had an extreme makeover done (though she doesn't look that different really to me), Jerri becomes a cry baby and leaves the show after she is booed by the crowd, Richard found romance and we learn that Jeanna M. and Ethan are dating. Usually the person who comes in 2nd wins a car, however since Rob (and Amber for that matter) already had won cars they ask Amber to give the car to any one of the contestants she chooses. Amber picks Shii Ann reasoning that she was the tie breaker.

The big twist that was promised? Well, the show is giving away a second million dollars and we get to vote on who it should go to. Go to cbs.com and vote now! The will have a special show on Thursday night, 7CT and reveal who gets the money as well as telling us where the next Survivor is going to take place.

Friday, May 07, 2004

American Idol

Well, George is gone. I'm sad....I liked George, though I do believe he should have been in the bottom two. He and Jasmine just didn't shine on Tuesday night, but it should have been Jasmine going home. Sigh....I'm running out of people to root for. Next season they need to get people that can not only sing but also have a personality. I've realized what it is that is off this season, or I should say one of the things. They have the contestants pigeon holed. Let me explain...you have your young group, your soul singers group, your Hawaiian group, your diva group etc... They have shaped these contestants into these groups (and you can be a member of a different group depending on the week) and that is why we feel no strong connection to any one singer. Maybe? Am I close? Well, that's what I'm thinking anyway.

I'm sorry to the Survivor fans. I didn't get to watch last night because my Dad came into town to visit and will be here through Sunday. I heard through the grapevine that Tom was voted off. As long as Rob's still there I'm happy! :-)

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

American Idol

Tonight was Big Band night. Once again it was a good show...it was "just okay" to quote Randy. At this point there is no doubt that those left can sing, they are all good, but no one just stands out above the rest and makes me go "Wow". There isn't even anyone left to really make fun of! Yes, I don't like LaToya, but she can sing and she is beautiful so I can't make fun of her. I can just point out the obvious, that she is too full of herself and that is annoying. I really miss Clay and Kelly. I want someone to really root for. I like George, I like Diana, really like them in fact. Love their personalities and they can sing. But, I'm not getting chills when they sing like I did with Clay and Kelly. Their performances were just "okay". Things need to be shaken up a bit if this season is going to get exciting at all. Heck, let them go out there and sing whatever they want to! Let them sing a whole song for once. Something!

I didn't take too many notes last night because there just wasn't a lot to say, but here's what I have:

Each contestant sang two songs with the live band backing them up. Diana was up first (in a dress that was not really flattering if you ask me) and sang "Someone to Watch Over Me" which she dedicated to her grandfather and brother and everyone serving in the Army. It was, not to beat a dead horse with the phrase, "okay". Her second song was, I think, "Get Happy". The problem tonight was that Ryan introduced their first songs,but the finalists didn't always remember to tell us the title of the second song so some of these are guesses. Her second song was again, "okay", but she sort of seemed to run out of breath.
Randy-the bomb, seasoned talent
Paula-classy young lady, good songs for you
Simon-"I didn't choose the dress", this is your type of music, problem is you are 16 and sound 50, you are an old soul.

George was up next and looked very nice in a dark suit. He was good, voice was nice and deep and not as gravely as he used to be. His first song was "Cheek to Cheek" and his second was "What a Wonderful World" which I think he dedicated to everyone to remind them of what a wonderful world we live in. That song he started out a little too fast but overall did well.
Randy-great songs, safe songs, good but not great
Paula-enchanting, charming as hell
Simon-medium cruiseline performance

LaToya was next and even though she is way too full of herself, she did look beautiful and sounded nice. She has a powerful controlled voice, it's her personality I don't like. Her first song was "Too Close for Comfort" and I felt like she was yelling at me. When she had the opportunity to tell us why she chose that song, she didn't dedicate it to anyone, she said she choose it because she likes it. Hmmpf. Her second song was "Here I Am". Again, good but I still felt like she was yelling, maybe she knows I don't like her at is yelling at me.
Randy-the kind of music you were meant to sing
Paula-blah, blah, good
Simon-10 out of 10 for a Broadway performance

Jasmine was next and it was probably the low point of the night. She just didn't do well at all and I predict, if we are voting on talent, that she will be gone tonight. Her first song was "Someday" and it was painful to listen to. Out of tune and pitchy. She dedicated it to her friends and family back home. Her second song was "Almost Like Being in Love". Again, not very good. It seemed like she was trying too hard and ended up just yelling.
Randy-alright, not wowed
Paula-enjoyed the second song, you've grown, good job
Simon-you are steady, no growth, didn't pull it out of the hat, very pleasant but not good enough.

Lastly we had Fantasia. Her second song was probably the best performance of the evening. Her first song was "This Thing Called Love" and it was "okay". Didn't wow me but was fine. She put on a good performance though and dedicated it to her brother. Her second song was by Barbara Streisand and I'd never heard it and she didn't introduce it so I can't tell you what it was. It was a slow song that she dedicated to her daughter and it was beautiful.
Randy-brilliant, unbelievable
Paula-brought me to tears, beautiful
Simon-it's obvious you and LaToya are in a different league.

At the end Simon said that LaToya and Fantasia are the best, Randy agreed but added Diana to the group. When asked, of course Paula wouldn't commit to anyone. She said that she enjoyed all the performances. I predict that Jasmine may be going home tonight. I hope Diana doesn't. I voted for her 5 times and tried to vote for Fantasia but could never get through.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

American Idol
Halfway Home Special

I enjoyed this show more than I anticipated. No judges, no corny group songs, just one on one interviews with the remaining 5 contestants and a chance for them to sing their favorite song of the season. Of course all of them did a great job on their songs and proved why they were in the finals...they can Sang! The interviews were enlightening too, it gave me the opportunity to learn a little bit more about each of them and decide who I like...and who I don't. My new favorite, for whom I will vote whether they suck or not, are George and Diana. George is sweet as he can be, so uplifting. Diana, she is just a sweet girl with a big voice. Either of those two deserve to win if you ask me. Jasmine...she's okay; Fantasia...she's okay; LaToya....do NOT like her. WAY too full of herself. If she wins we would have another Whitney, diva, do things my way or I won't sing, performer. The world is just not big enough for yet another spoiled diva.

Okay, on to the show.
First Ryan introduced and interviewed Fantasia. She came out without her shoes on and said that she just hates wearing shoes (a woman after my own heart). She talked about how her mom is behind her 100% and how even if you are a young, single mother that doesn't mean you have to give up your dreams. Her daughter Zion is what pushes her to do better. She want's the best for her child, now who can argue with that. Her comment on being in the bottom three two weeks ago was that at this point in the game they are all winners. Then she showed us her bo-bo dance, to which Ryan tried to imitate (thus proving white men can't dance) and she sang Summertime. Once again she put on a great performance.

George was up next. Have I mentioned that I just love George? He is always smiling, he just lights up the room with his positive attitude and genuine spirit. A part of me almost hates for him to win because I'm afraid it would change him too much. Remember sweet Ruben from last year? Have you seen him lately? Hanging out with a possee and acting all thugish? Don't want that to happen to George! George spoke about how he was an alternate for the top 32 and in showing Ryan his reaction to the news he stood up saying "Oh Lord". In fact during this interview George said "Oh Lord" several times which prompted Ryan to comment that he seems to channel Little Richard. George said the most challenging part of the competition is picking the right song each week and then he talked about how close he and Jennifer were throughout the competition. How they prayed together a lot. He sang Take Me To the Pilot.

Jasmine was up next. Sort of a boring interview. On why she no longer wears the flower she says she had to change things up a little. Said her dad is very strict but she is so glad he is there with her. She talked about how the younger ones in the competition have to go to school and that they lose 15 hours a week to that, something the older contestants don't have to do. Then she sang Insepreable.

Diana was up next and was her bubbly self. She said that it does hurt when a performance is criticized, that your performance is like your child. She said the hairdresser told her his mantra, which she has taken over "I love my audience and my audience loves me." Her mom has been a huge supporter and has practically given up her whole life to support Diana's dreams. She told Ryan that she doesn't feel like she's missing out on being a teenager, that she went to prom last year and does have a date this year in case she's home at prom...but her date has a back up. She sang Think and rocked the house.

Last, and least in my opinion, was LaToya. No doubt she can sing, but as I mentioned above...I just don't like her. Maybe I'm reading her wrong, but she can just go this week if I have my choice. She told us she has been married 2 years and has two step-children, 13 and 8. On being in the bottom three her response was that all her performances have been great so it's just TV (see what I mean???). She sang Somewhere.

Tune in tonight to the regularly scheduled show. The theme tonight is Swing Band with a live band to back them up. Should be good. I predict that Diana will do especially well tonight.

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